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  • Fine bubble membrane disc diffusers are compression molded and made with less than 10% extractable oils to ensure exceptional quality, strength and longer product life.
  • The base and retaining ring are designed to seal tightly and made of polypropylene having properties of higher temperature resistance and greater ductility.
  • The membrane has an integral O-ring seal which is tightly compressed by the retaining ring keeps water out and air inside.
  • Disc diffusers are precisely engineered to suit the specification of various clients and offer a perfect balance of high oxygen transfer and modest head loss with small bubble size.
  • Membranes are of standard sizes


No Description DF – 12”
1 Rubber membrane material EPDM/ Silicon
2 Aeration surface area 0.068 m2
3 Bubble diameter 1-3 mm
4 Membrane service life > 5 year
5 Standard aeration rate 6 m3/h
6 Aeration scope 1-8 m3/h
7 Operating temperature 80oc
8 Max/min interval, c/c 1.5/0.4 m9
9 Diffuser weight 0.860 kg

Product Name: Distribution System

  • • Available for a wide range of vessel sizes (12” to 63”)
  • • Corrosion resistant
  • • Easy to install
  • • Compatible with all pressure vessels whether threaded or flange
  • • Activated carbon filters
  • • Sand filters
  • • Iron removal filters
  • • Water softeners
  • • De-mineralization units
Product Table
Vessel Diameter Type of tank Description System code
14” up to 36”(Top) 4”- 8UN Threaded Top Mount stack diffuser DS 4R2-63
Top Mount stack diffuser with 1½” or 2” Female threaded out DS 4R2-15 or 4R2-20
14” (Bottom) 4”- 8UN Threaded Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 414-63
16” (Bottom) Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 414-63
21” (Bottom) Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 414-63
24” (Bottom) Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 414-63
30” (Bottom) Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 414-63
36” (Bottom) Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 414-63
42” (Top) 6” Flange Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 6F4275-U
48” (top) Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 6F4875-U
63” (top) Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 6F6390-U
42” (top) Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 6F4275-L
48” (top) Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 6F4875-L
63” (top) Bottom Mount Hub & Lateral System DS 6F6390-L
42”/48” flanged end (Top) 6” Flange Top/ Bottom mount stack diffuser DS 6FR375
Vacuum Breaker VB

Product Name: Excel Jumbo Housing

The polypropylene Jumbo Excel Housing are made of ruffed reinforced polypropylene. They are recommended higher flow rates, wide range of applications including residential, commercial and industrial.
  • • Water Treatment Plant
  • • Packaged Drinking water plant
  • • Food & Beverages Industry
  • • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • • Chemical Industry
  • • Chemical Industry
  • • Suitable for 20” jumbo excel wound filter cartridge with 50mm ID 150mm OD
  • • In/out connection: 2” BSP female threaded
  • • SS Insert mounting
  • • Flow rate >10m3/hr

Product Name: Multi Port Valve

Premium quality assortment of Top mounted and Front face filter and softner multiport valves. These fits in all types of vessels without adapters.
  • • For Filter with built in injectors
  • • Port Size of ¾" BSP
  • • Top Mount
  • • Strong, Sturdy, Durable for exterior installation because of its features

Product Name: Multi Port Valve

These measures flow rate by allowing the cross sectional area the fluid travels through, to vary, causing a measurable effect.
Materials of Plastic Flow meter parts:
  • • Joint Fittings,Male and female thread,Elbow : PVC
  • • Taper tube : PC Floats : ABS

Product Name: Fab Media

Moving Bed Bio Reactor/Fluidized Aerated Bed Reactor (FAB) media for swage & industrial waste water treatment. FAB system is an advanced high rate wastewater treatment process utilizing free-floating media which houses huge quantity of active Biomass (MLSS) in it.
  • • Less sensitivity to shock loading
  • • Clog free operation
  • • No channels or dead spots
  • • Provides high bio surface area
  • • Make Bio Reactors extremely compact
  • • No back wash needed
  • • No sludge return systems needed
  • • Longer medical life

Product Name: Dosing Pump

  • • Long working life
  • • Smooth functioning
  • • Can easily handle most of the liquids
Technical Specification
  • • Dosing rate @ 4kg/cm2 10LPH
  • • Suction/ Discharge tubing 4/6mm
  • • Electrical 230V AC
  •  Splash proof enclosure
  •  Adjustable RPM
  •  Compact and lightweight

Product Name: UPVC Cartridge Filter Housing

These offers wide range of flow capacities & contaminant holding capacities. Cartridge filters are normally used as polishing filter in almost all process industries.

Product Name: Float Switch

Cable float switch effectively monitor and controls water/liquid level in the Overhead tanks, Underground tanks, Sumps, Wells etc. It prevents Overhead tank from overflow and also over pumping of Sump, Well etc. It allows the user to be free from the botheration of switching the electric pump ON / OFF and makes water / liquid level available round the clock.
  • • Full Automatic Operation
  • • Rated Temperature =70C
  • • Working Pressure: max 1 bar.
  • • Water proof
  • • Low cost polypropylene level switch
  • • Environment Friendly
  • • Cable length 2 100 meters as per customer requirements
  • • Highly durable & hermetically molded double chamber
  • • Used in chemical, Pharmacy, oil water treatment plant, sewage water ect.
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