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Keshavam Hardwares:

We are exporting, manufacturing & supplying shearing blades with high quality all types of shearing blades for steel Industry, Plastic Industry, Paper & Printing Industry.
- All our blades are crafted from the highest quality alloys using close tolerance quality control standards. Our blades provide optimum performance and extended blade life. Meaning that you receive more tons per edge, while reducing down time due to blade changes. Extended blade life combined with less downtime leads to a more Productive and profitable production shearing operation.
- Our blades are available in single edge, two edge and four edge configurations. Each of these configurations are available in deferent alloy grades to suit your individual needs. All of our blades are thru hardened to ensure consistent hardness and finally grinded to ensure close tolerances and surface finish. Depending on the application, commonly used metrical for manufacturing blades are listed below.

Cold working steel Grades: D2, D3, OHNS, Tank Plates

Hot working steel Grades: H11, H13, H21

High speed steel Grades: M2, M35

Many special alloys blades are also manufactured as per customers specification and request.

Multiple uses of Shearing Blades:

  • Vertical Milling Machine
  • Vertical Surface grinding machine
  • Bandsaw Machine
  • Pillar drill Machine
  • Lathe Machine
  • Hardness testing Machine
  • Inverter type welding Machine
  • Portable crane
  • Heat treatment facilities

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