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About Red Tomato

Tomato is widely used in distinctive ways; whether raw or cooked. Rich in antioxidants plus vitamins, it is a valuable source of umami flavour. It’s no wonder tomato is seen as the main ingredient in many dishes, salads, sauces, as well as drinks!
Botanically an edible berry, tomato belongs to the plant Solanum Lycopersicum, normally recognized as the tomato plant. It is considered to be a ‘culinary vegetable’ as it has lesser sugar contents when compared to a culinary fruit. Hence, it is usually preferred in salads or main courses instead of desserts.
The 16th century marked the arrival of tomatoes in India by the means of Portuguese travellers. For the British, this juicy vegetable began to be grown from the 18th century. Tomato was widely adopted in India due to the climatic conditions being greatly favourable; Uttarakhand being one of the top producers. Interestingly, the Bengali people identify it as ‘Biliti Begun’, which means ‘Foreign Eggplant’.

Tomato Storage

Tomatoes are best stored unwashed, away from direct sunlight, and at room temperature. Refrigeration is not recommended as this may spoil and lose their flavour permanently. Shelf life can be prolonged by keeping them stem down, as it helps avoid quick rotting. Unripe tomatoes can be stored in a paper bag until they get ripened.
It's easy to preserve these delicious tomatoes as a whole, cut pieces, sauce, or pulp in home cans. Their acidic property makes it simple to process them in a water-dip, unlike most other vegetables that need a pressure cooker. In other cases, these are also stored by drying in the sun and sold in jars or bags containing oil.

Tomato Varieties

This tomato comes in an oblong shape. Plum tomato is fleshy and has fewer seeds, hence it is specially used in food preparation.
Roma tomato has similar characteristics when compared to a cherry tomato. It is not only sweet and juicy but also has a tangy touch to it. Due to the amount of pulp being high, Roma tomato is used in sauces and purees.
The maximum diameter of the central part determines its sizing. Cherry tomatoes do not go by this specification. The tomatoes that are round and ribbed are set with a minimum size of 35 mm. While the oblong tomatoes are set at 30 mm as the minimum size.

Features of Our Tomatoes

  •  Tangy in taste.
  •  Garden-fresh.
  •  No use of pesticides.
  •  Available between July and November.
  •  Sizes available: 30-40 mm, 40-60 mm, and above 60 mm.
  •  Contents: Fresh Red Tomato.
  •  Additional Details: Doesn’t contain mud, mature/ ripe tomatoes, hygienic products, green in colour that eventually changes to red.

Tomato Health Benefits

  •  Improves immunity and vision.
  •  Aids in skin’s health and great for bones.
  •  Normalizes heart’s functioning, and is good for muscle contractions.
  •  Maintains fluid balance in the body and healthy blood pressure.
  •  Helps fight health conditions like prostate cancer.

CFB (Corrugated Fiber Board) Box Details

Box Size Dimension
 5 Kg 450 x 265 x 110 mm

Tomato Storage Guidance

Ripe Unripe
Temperature 7-8 ℃ 9-10 ℃
Relative Humidity 90% 85-90%
Storage Period 1 week 4-5 weeks

Export Packaging

For the purpose of export, tomatoes are packed firmly in consumer boxes of LDPE or PP. A 5 Kg CFB (Corrugated Fibre Board) box contains 20 packages of 250 Gms. each. (Customization is available as per client requirement).


  •  Net weight of each box will be 6.5 Kg (Standard Packing) (Gross weight will be 7 Kg.).
  •  No. of boxes will be differ if customization required in packing.

Specifications of CFB Boxes for Export Packing

 Specification Slide Type/Ring *flap Tuck-in Type/Regular Slotted Container/Try With LID
 Construction Material 5-ply CFB
 Grammage - gm/sq. (outer to inner) *230 x 140 x 140 x 140
 Bursting strength Kg/cm sq. Min. 10.00
 Puncture resistance inches/teat inch Min. 250
 Compression strength Kg. Min. 350
 Cobb (30 g/m sq.) Max. 130

*Outer ply is of white duplex board.

Container Capacity of Red Tomato

Types Of Container Quantity
 20' FCL 1600 – 1700 Boxes
 40' FCL 3200 - 3500 Boxes

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